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Fresh water station

Manufacturer I.V.A.R.

M-SAP it is module for the instantaneous production of hot water. The production temperature is adjusted by a modulating valve located on the primary circuit, which is therefore a variable flow circuit. This way both the boiler return temperature and the circulating flow are reduced, improving the generation performance and reducing the required pumping power. The control
valve is mechanical, therefore the module does not require an electrical power supply.

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 - Heat exchanger SAP - I.V.A.R. Heat exchanger SAP is a station for the instantaneous heating of domestic water matching high performances and comfort. SAP is designed to produce domestic hot water using a storage tank full of heating water, that can be heated by any generation system consisting of thermal solar plant, heat pump, pellet stove, heating fireplace, gas boiler, electric resistance or a combination of different systems.This choice allows to use a single tank to cover both heating and domestic hot water production service; besides, it also allows not to store tap water, a practice that may be subject to restrictive regulations in terms of water temperature, health measures and maintenance operations.
SAP’s core is a high efficiency plate heat exchanger: hot heating water pumped from the storage tank flows through its primary side and transfers heat to cold tap water supplied by the mains flowing through its secondary side. Outlet temperature control is electronic and setpoint value can be set through a controller: a flow-and-temperature sensor installed at DHW outlet transmits the measured temperature to the controller, which adjusts primary pump velocity so to quickly respond to any system variation (for example, the closure of a tap) and to maintain the supply temperature steady.

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Fresh water station M-SAP - I.V.A.R.

Fresh water station M-SAP - I.V.A.R.
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