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Heat regulation and hygrometric control

Manufacturer I.V.A.R.

CUBODOMO allows you to manage and monitor your entire home’s temperature, from WHEREVER YOU ARE.
CUBODOMO delivers smart remote control of your heating system with energy savings of up to 40%. It can work with radiator systems and radiant heating systems.
The temperature sensor replaces the old chronothermostat. It measures the temperature in each room and uses a relay to turn the boiler on or off and open or close a zone valve when necessary.
CUBODOMO replaces most thermostats. The temperature sensor equipped with an internal relay (therefore able to manage contact with the boiler) is wall-mounted, wireless and able to receive commands from the cube. Thanks to the dedicated app or webapp, any smartphone, tablet or PC can become a system control device.
Internet access available both via Wi-Fi and via cable. Offline management with direct communication available.
No subscription fees. Application available on App Store Google Play and on Windows Phone Store. Web App compatible with all browsers.

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Heat regulation and hygrometric control CUBODOMO - I.V.A.R.

Heat regulation and hygrometric control CUBODOMO - I.V.A.R.
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