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Hinged lacquered door

Manufacturer Bertolotto Porte

NATURA Collection
Natura is a 2010 collection inspired by nature and all its constituting elements, from the flowers to the trees. The company has distilled the essence of these symbols through depictions on the door panels. This marvelous aesthetic display of textured patterns consisting of twisting branches, flower stems or asymmetrical petals, transforms the doors into true masterpieces of artistry. For 2015, Bertolotto will be expanding this line with 20 new etched or routed embellishments (in addition to the 10 already in the collection) and 23 sandblasted patterns on tempered glass, in transparent or satin glass and in four different color variations. The lacquering is available in RAL or NCS varieties, and is given several applications of water-based varnish with an opaque or glossy finish.
Hinged lacquered door NATURA TARASSACO - Bertolotto Porte

Hinged lacquered door NATURA TARASSACO - Bertolotto Porte
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