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Hinged lacquered door

Manufacturer Bertolotto Porte

The Fashion collection will have four new added models: S3 and S5 (engraved) and BP1039 and BP1040 (etched). These latest in modern-style doors are produced with smooth and brushed open poor lacquer which accentuates the grain of the solid wood. The textured effect will render the door as one of the most salient features in its surroundings.
In the etched version, Bertolotto offers smooth, transparent and opaque lacquer, while for the carved models S3 and S5, the sections have a smoother finish than the open pore finish of the sections contained within the panel. The Fashion collection is applicable to all the RAL and NCS catalog.
Hinged lacquered door FASHION - Bertolotto Porte

Hinged lacquered door FASHION - Bertolotto Porte
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