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Technical mat

Manufacturer EMCO

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 - Technical mat DIPLOMAT - EMCO Technical mat
 - Technical mat MARSCHALL - EMCO Technical mat
 - Technical mat SENATOR - EMCO Technical mat Extra-wide for all buildings with high demands with regard to resilience and harmonious appearance.
Roll-up, hard-wearing entrance mat with extra-wide profile bars, for laying on the floor. Mats produced to fit width and walking depth specifications perfectly, without the need for alignment profiles. Any geometric shape is available. 
 - Technical mat SENATOR OUTDOOR - EMCO Technical mat
 - Technical mat ECOLINE® PIONEER - EMCO Technical mat Today, sustainable building is a hot topic – and as a result, building certification has become one too. These are subjects that are as complex as they are important, however: designing a sustainable building is an ambitious task requiring a comprehensive approach that takes into account the role of every single component – right down to the entrance mats. emco has risen to this challenge and, with its new ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mat, are making a significant contribution to building quality.
 - Technical mat RADIAL - EMCO Technical mat Emco RADIAL - The extravagant one for architecturally sophisticated properties. Ideal design for all entrances with round structural shapes. Ideal for picking up coarse dirt. 
Technical mat AVIATOR - EMCO

Technical mat AVIATOR - EMCO
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