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Oak parquet

Manufacturer Woodco

Alpen Parkett One Collection
What do people actually expect from a wooden floor? Quality, appearance, warmth, comfort, hygiene, naturalness, and practicality. We started off with a single objective: to create a floor designed for people who want to experience the best from wooden parquet flooring. We strived to emphasis the purity of wood, highlighting the essential and simple nature of the fibre, blending this with contemporary and original shades and processes. The raw materials used for the manufacture of Alpen Parkett One, the controlled production processes and finishing materials used all guarantee quality, safety and simple maintenance of the parquet floor, rendering it a timeless icon of the home, designed to last a lifetime. Alpen Parkett One represents the perfect trinity of man, nature and design, the inspiring muse to create a parquet that preserves the tradition of wood as the material bound to man for centuries, combined with a contemporary style.

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Oak parquet ONE ROVERE PHILIPPE - Woodco

Oak parquet ONE ROVERE PHILIPPE - Woodco
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