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N6 | High stool

High oak stool

Manufacturer Ethnicraft

Oak N Chairs Collection
Chairs in timeless shapes. Chairs as a design statement. Chairs that are at home in every interior. In short: our chairs are an upstanding lot. They are all sturdy and strong, to be enjoyed for many years.

Absolutely not an ordinary chair. The higher, the better, the more elegant. That is the essence of this N4 high chair. 
41 x 41 x 75 cm

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 - Oak stool N5 | Stool - Ethnicraft Oak stool There is a new chair in town, this stool is as versatile as our other stools. Use it as a side table, an extra seat wherever you want.
41 x 41 x 47 cm

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High oak stool N6 | High stool - Ethnicraft

High oak stool N6 | High stool - Ethnicraft
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