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Cement adhesive for flooring

Manufacturer Kimia

Aderflex Line
Aderflex DK is a grey or white powder adhesive for ceramic tiles, based on hydraulic binders combined with selected inert materials of suitable granulometry and specific additives, without chlorides, ferrous particles or other materials which could be toxic for users nor damage the equipment with which it comes in contact. It is CE-marked as C1E adhesive according to EN 12004. Aderflex DK is used for the bonding of tiles in marble, terracotta, stoneware, clinker, porcellain stoneware on supports such as plasters and cement screeds after the application of Kimitech ACR. When laying on reinforced concrete structures, in external applications, mix Durakol with Kimitech ELASTOFIX instead of water. Not to be used on ferrous structures, previously glazed flooring, bituminous products or flooring subject to chemical attack.
Cement adhesive for flooring ADERFLEX DK - Kimia

Cement adhesive for flooring ADERFLEX DK - Kimia
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