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Glass-fibre reinforcing fibres

Manufacturer Kimia

Kimitech Line
Kimitech FIOCCO VR is a structural element of circular cross section composed of glass fibers not impregnated; it is used in construction, both new and historical monuments, for the realization of riveting and microcuciture. Kimitech FIOCCO VR is produced in the form of strips in widths and weights that will ensure the same amount of glass present in the nominal section of reference, to be rolled up on itself or around a rigid core metal, plastic or pultruded (solid or hollow). Kimitech FIOCCO VR is not affected by stray currents or electromagnetic fields and it has a high resistance to corrosion. The impregnation and anchoring of Kimitech FIOCCO VR must be done by the use of epoxy resin Kimitech EP-IN.
Glass-fibre reinforcing fibres KIMITECH FIOCCO VR - Kimia

Glass-fibre reinforcing fibres KIMITECH FIOCCO VR - Kimia
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