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Dock leveller

Dock leveller

Manufacturer Armo

When you need to reach higher strokes, Armo can offer our ATX or AQX versions ( triple and fourth scissors) with high vertical excursion and a minimal closed height. There are also various accessorizes available (extra push control panels, gates, railings, protections, etc…) which transform our tables in an extremely personalized product.
The applications where these tables can be used are wide:
- Car lift: in order to move cars from a level to another so that you can access to underground garages where there is not any lowering ramp
- Elevation Lift: as an alternative to the traditional raising systems so that you will not have overalls in the top part ( lift)
- Impared people: ideal when the level to overtake is above 2000 mm

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Dock leveller Dock leveller - Armo

Dock leveller Dock leveller - Armo
Scissor lifting table
30000 kg scissor table
Scissor table with parking supports
Scissor table with safety handrails
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