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Manufacturer Armo

Armo’s dock levellers with rotating lip guarantee an easy work to the operators, big spirit of adaptability to the various loading situations and the quality of a serial product at a very attractive price.
Armo’s dock levellers with rotating lip features
Rotating lip: lip (or burner) is proposed as our standard with length 400 mm (compare the value with the competitors) in order to full safely the gap between the warehouse and the truck caisson/container.
Self-cleaning lip hinges: the particular shape of the lip rotating hinge prevents against the dust or dirty which could stop the correct lip rotation.
Hinged or telescopic lateral protections: lateral protections, according to the leveller model, are realized in aluminium or plate and they protect again sharing as per requires the European Rule EN1398
Easy maintenance: motor is frontal on the lower frame of the leveller thing which permits a quick check of the oil level

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Loading ramp RSA | Loading ramp - Armo

Loading ramp RSA | Loading ramp - Armo
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