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LED ceiling-mounted emergency light

Manufacturer iGuzzini Illuminazione

Motus Collection
As a result of current standards, ceiling-mounted emergency and warning luminaires have become very common in offices and public spaces. They require a highly complex, functional design that meets strict testing procedures and they need to be visible without dominating the environment. Motus stands out for its essential, elegant design that allows it to fit into high quality contexts as a general lighting fixture.

Motus LED
- Safety indication with LED lamp.
- Painted steel lamp body.
- Transparent PMMA screens with pictograms for signalling (design L22).
- Indication visible from a distance of 25 m in conformity with UNI EN 1838.
- Ceiling-mounted, recessed, wall-mounted and cantilever.
- Ni-Cd battery; autonomy: 3 hours.
- Permanent operation (always-on).
- Auto-test or centralized test versions.
- Accessories: control system for luminaires with centralized test; remote control for inhibiting luminaires with auto-test.

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LED ceiling-mounted emergency light MOTUS LED - iGuzzini Illuminazione

LED ceiling-mounted emergency light MOTUS LED - iGuzzini Illuminazione
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