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Recessed Track-Light

Manufacturer iGuzzini Illuminazione

Binario Collection
- Aluminium track.
- The track houses the wires that are shielded by rigid extruded isolating material The isolating material has very high dielectric resistance.
- The 3-phase wires with a common ground provide 3 separate circuits that allow the use of 3 distinct switches. Powering the track to the one phase network, the maximum load is 16° (3500 VA), divided up in 3 circuits.
- Connection to the 3-phase power network allows the system to have a total load of 16° (10500 VA) divided into 3 circuits (3x3500 VA).
- The lateral position of the grounding element makes the track structure asymmetrical. Therefore, the connecting joints must be chosen by keeping this in mind.

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Recessed Track-Light BINARIO STANDARD - iGuzzini Illuminazione

Recessed Track-Light BINARIO STANDARD - iGuzzini Illuminazione
iGuzzini: Better Light for a better Life (en)
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