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Divider modular storage wall

Manufacturer Lago

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36e8 Collection
The 36e8 module was the first building block of LAGO design: a 36.8 cube that revolutionised the language of the design industry, giving individuals the opportunity to design in full freedom.The 36e8 system is based on this selfsame square module and its multiples and submultiples, providing a way of arranging wall storage in unusual patterns, whether figurative or abstract, and offering countless options for design-oriented storage.It is a storage revolution that translates into extreme flexibility and freedom on the wall, where even voids become storage space.The 36e8 system is perfect for living areas and kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas, master bedrooms and children’s rooms as well as offices and other workspaces.With 36e8 Storage, everyone can design their own space, combining modules of different sizes, finishes and colours to create the compositions that best suit one’s taste and needs.Thanks to the essential design and extreme modularity of the system, any design solution that you come up with will have an effective and appealing formal balance.

The 36e8 Weightless storage unit uses the ceiling as a wall attachment and creates an extreme suspension effect. You can design surreal landscapes within your home, conceive room dividers and save space.

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 - Modular storage wall 36e8 WILDWOOD - Lago Modular storage wall The success of Wildwood inspired LAGO to develop new interpretations of this material, presenting, this year, the Wildwood front for the 36e8 system. The Wildwood 8-cm thick top can be used for 36e8 containers as well as for buffets and chests of drawers.
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Divider modular storage wall 36e8 WEIGHTLESS - Lago

Divider modular storage wall 36e8 WEIGHTLESS - Lago
Divider modular storage wall 36e8 WEIGHTLESS - Lago

Divider modular storage wall 36e8 WEIGHTLESS - Lago
LAGO 36e8® - Create. You can.
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016 | LAGO - Daniele Lago
LAGO | Daniele Lago | Archiproducts Design Selection - Salone del Mobile Milano 2015
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