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Electrical socket

Manufacturer AVE

Born from a strong collaboration between Ave and Installers, the new Domus100 series, entirely studied to facilitate the installers' work and satisfy the demands of maximum quality, reliability, functional capacity, easy installation, evolved design and new aesthetics proposals. Domus100 has an innovative look from the technological and design point of view, is made of refined materials and characterized by a great moulding precision, robust terminals, mechanisms tested for thousand of operations and great components quality. Every detail of Domus 100 has been studied and tested to minimize installation times and costs and to guarantee at the same time the maximum reliability and quality: every device has in fact a reduced depth in order to save more space for wiring; the robust terminals allow a simplified wiring; the standard controls have special lightable rockers and the interchangeable rockers offer a wide range of symbols.

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Electrical socket DOMUS TOUCH - AVE

Electrical socket DOMUS TOUCH - AVE
Electrical socket DOMUS TOUCH - AVE

Electrical socket DOMUS TOUCH - AVE
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