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Aluminium door panel

Manufacturer ROYAL PAT

Aluform® Style Collection
The trademark Aluform® has always been synonymous of high quality products that has acquired a prestigious rule in the market of entrance doors. The universe that surrounds us constitutes our main source of inspiration for the development of new proposals according to a modern concept of the house. Exploring new trends to be constantly advancing in the world of innovation and tangible quality, this is our philosophy.

Aluform® Style
- Getting on in time with an innovating and refined design. Classical material like steel, aluminium and glass, found again and coupled with art and elegance for a front door, evolved like a modern furnishings complement for Your home. The strenght to reveal new way of being for a product that expresses, always and clearly, Your exclusive personality

QUADRA - Aluminium and glass door panel, Aluform® Collection by Royal Pat.

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Aluminium door panel QUADRA/XD - ROYAL PAT

Aluminium door panel QUADRA/XD - ROYAL PAT
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