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Pvc foam sheets

PVC prefabricated wall panel

Manufacturer Apa Group Spa

PVC is one of the oldest, best known and most developed synthetic materials. Its properties make the possible uses endless: resistance to weather and chemicals, easy to use, low flammability, perfect mouldability, excellent thermal and sound insulation, low cost and lightness. The APAFOAM sheets can be:
- sheets in rigid PVC foam with matt surface
- sheets in integral rigid PVC foam with lucid surface

Further details

Apafoam sheets can be used especially in:
- Publicity: billboards, signs, billposting panels, display stands, window decoration, stands for fairs and exhibitions.
- Building: store displays, interior renovation, damp places, components for air-conditioning and ventilation, thermal insulation and soundproofing, parts for windows and parapets, boxes for shutters.
- Electrotechnics: control panels, cabinets for meters, raceways for cables, distribution boards.
- Miscellaneous: construction of appliances and tanks, construction of models, equipment for photo labs, galvanic technology, road signs for construction sites.

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PVC prefabricated wall panel Pvc foam sheets - Apa Group Spa

PVC prefabricated wall panel Pvc foam sheets - Apa Group Spa
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