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Crono Collection
The meeting between Giugiaro Design and the world of mosaics is unprecedented: it is an exclusive partnership with Mosaico+ that has created ideas, inspirations and new and fascinating perspectives. Color, 3D, high-end technology and industrial design come together and are brought to life in Crono. It is the epitome of the beauty and originality of a made in Italy project.
Crono is a high-tech collection, inextricably intertwined with industrial design: the three-dimensional chips made of sintered glass make up sophisticated textures, with ever-changing effects caused by light refraction on the variously angled surfaces of the mosaic, for public and residential areas.
Color density and geometry are the two features of the collection’s two basic modules: Pulsar and Nova.
The sleek and rounded design of Pulsar creates trajectories and soft weaves. The faceted geometry of Nova suggests different planes depending on the perspective. The common denominators of the two compositions are their 3D natures and their movement.
Crono is available in 11 solid colors. The patterns and geometries are completely customisable in order to fulfil your creative needs. The Pulsar collection is extended to include two new finishes,matt and metal,with a gleaming sparkle.

A sinuous decorative motif, an abstract composition given a high-tech look by the metallic surface of a sequence of curved lines: a vibrant, dynamic combination. The sustainability modernity of the Pulsar sintered glass chips provides the technological input for a design inspired by the natural “frisé” effect of freshly shorn wool.

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Glass mosaic WOOL GREY - Mosaico+

Glass mosaic WOOL GREY - Mosaico+
Glass mosaic WOOL GREY - Mosaico+

Glass mosaic WOOL GREY - Mosaico+
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