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Glass mosaic

Manufacturer Mosaico+

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Decor 15x15 Collection
The beauty of artistic mosaic intrinsic to the Perle, Concerto and Doro collections and the sophisticated elegance of matt and iridescent glazes interpreted with an extra touch of design, just waiting to be discovered in the new DECOR 15x15 range by Mosaico+.
Versatile, contemporary modular compositions define space with delicate harmony, thanks to a selection of neutral, subdued shades with sparing, never excessive use of brighter hues.
For striking large-sized wall decorations or in the smallest parts of bathrooms and kitchens, with a choice of countless modules and colours combinations.

The new Rumble pattern, composed of Concerto Perle and Doro’s chips collection, is inspired by the concept of an OUTFIT, in the fashion sense. This concept is expressed in the adaptability of Décor to cover residential and commercial spaces, of small and large dimensions. 
The Rumble’s decorative motifs appears in graduated intensity, breaking down into subtle signs and geometric forms and then blending into the depths of the whole colour.

Gallery of variants


Glass mosaic RUMBLE GREY - Mosaico+

Glass mosaic RUMBLE GREY - Mosaico+
Glass mosaic RUMBLE GREY - Mosaico+

Glass mosaic RUMBLE GREY - Mosaico+
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