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Glass mosaic

Manufacturer Mosaico+

Pulsarcrono Collection
Colour density and geometry of shapes characterise the streamlined, rounded Pulsar design, which suggests prospective trajectories and soft weaves, where three-dimensionality and movement are the protagonists of the compositions.
Shiny surfaces, designed with the basic element of the mosaic tile, breathe life into compositions which are simple yet refined for public and residential areas. Patterns with original tactility in the interweaving of tapered and smooth shapes, where customisation is limited only by creativity, express all the beauty and originality of a 100% Italian project.

Coco is composed of PulsarCrono’s glass sintered chips.
Three-dimensionality and movement, created by the geometric plots, are the protagonists of the composition. Coco’ pays homage to the famous french stylist Coco Chanel, a fashion and elegance icon.
The stylist claimed that “the true elegance cannot be separated from the full possibilities of free movement “.


Glass mosaic COCO’ - Mosaico+

Glass mosaic COCO’ - Mosaico+
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