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Round sofa

Manufacturer Gufram

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Limited Edition - HANDMADE in ITALY: Handmade products in Guflac coating, with limited production and numbered by colour and/or model; each piece has a numbered seal and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity making it traceable in the Gufram register.

In the collective consciousness what could be more pop and surreal than a human-size nest where one can take shelter and rest? This 1972 masterpiece by Gianni Ruffi, produced by Gufram in limited edition, is not a simple internal design product, but a veritable work of art: La Cova is a place, a space inside which one can feel protected – it is the physical and imaginary dimension of absolute relax. It is the surreal romantic notion of being the next ones able to fly with our own wings – the desire to grow up and be strong enough to face the day in which we can finally fly far away and be free. La Cova is the timeless alcove that demonstrates how the barriers obstructing dreams do not exist; it is an everyday poem to be lived. The two metres in diameter are just a number, because, once inside it, the space becomes equal to infinite. La Cova represents the legacy of the universal thinking of a unique man like Gianni Ruffi, and so finds its befitting position within Gufram's collection – a galaxy made of poetry.  

Gufram Catalogues

Round sofa LA COVA - Gufram

Round sofa LA COVA - Gufram
Round sofa LA COVA - Gufram

Round sofa LA COVA - Gufram
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