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SPY | Ceiling spotlight

LED ceiling spotlight

Manufacturer Delta Light

Spy Collection
The successful Spy series is barely a year old. But it's already getting a major expansion. There are new recessed and surface mounted variations, which makes the series ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. They come in small and large formats, from mini to maxi. And now, there's also a Spy on track and different profile modules for the Splitline.
In addition to the recessed versions Mini Spy, Spy ST and Spy Trimless, Delta Light now also offers surface mounted versions in various formats and diameters. From a solitary version to a rectangular base holding 1, 2 or 3 flexible tubes. For the surface mounting fixtures, Delta Light uses an asymmetrically positioned hinge that allows the Spy to be tilted up to 90° and rotated up to 350°.
What's unique about this hinge is that the device's slim tube shape remains uninterrupted, giving it a sleek look with full adjustability.
A noteworthy newcomer is the Midispy Trimless: a compact tube that can be completely or half sunk into the ceiling using a kit for recessed mounting. Another option with this kit is surface
mounting, so that the Midispy presents itself like a curious object peeking from the ceiling, able to 'spy' up to 350° around the room. Also new is the Maxi Spy, a sizeable spot for commercial use, with an output of up to 3,000 lumens. To enhance the versatility of the Spy family, there are also numerous accessories such as a honeycomb, various lenses and black, white or gold inserts.

LED ceiling spotlight SPY | Ceiling spotlight - Delta Light

LED ceiling spotlight SPY | Ceiling spotlight - Delta Light
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