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Self-adhesive membrane

Manufacturer PLUVITEC

Special self-adhesive membrane that can be laid cold without the use of open flames. PLURA STRIP BALCONY SYSTEM has a woven non woven single strand composite polyester reinforcement, which provide the membrane with good mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability.
The special surface finish made from slate microflakes makes the surface of the PLURA STRIP BALCONY SYSTEM membrane ideal and high-performance for the subsequent laying of flooring using cement-based adhesives. The underside of the product has selfadhesive strips designed to enable firm yet partial adhesion of the PLURA STRIP BALCONY SYSTEM membrane.
This special and unique finish guarantees an adhesive surface of 50%, without affecting the function of dispersing the water vapour in the flooring underneath, thus eliminating the inconvenience of bubbles.

1 Silicon release film
2 Self-adhesive waterproofing mass in strips
3 Single strand composite polyester reinforcement
4 Compatibility compound
5 Micro slate finish

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Self-adhesive membrane PLURA STRIP BALCONY - PLUVITEC

Self-adhesive membrane PLURA STRIP BALCONY - PLUVITEC
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