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Prefabricated polymer membrane

Manufacturer PLUVITEC

Lightec Collection
Pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane made of thermoplastic stereo specific metallocene copolymer polyolefin’s (CPT) & special distilled bitumen’s, with elevated characteristics of resistance to ageing and phase inversion point. The use of these raw materials and the particular processing allow the production of light waterproofing compounds, with an excellent weight to thickness ratio. The elements which compose the waterproofing compound, mutually integrating themselves, exalt the very good qualities of lightness and adhesion of the membranes of the LIGHTEC range.

1 PE film
2 Waterproofing mass
3 Single strand composite polyester reinforcement
4 Waterproofing mass
5a PE film finish
5b Mineral finish
5c Polypropylene mat finish

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Prefabricated polymer membrane LIGHTEC 15 - PLUVITEC

Prefabricated polymer membrane LIGHTEC 15 - PLUVITEC
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