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Radiant floor panel

Manufacturer NUPI Industrie Italiane

Eloweb is the complete system proposed by NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A for efficient and alternative panel heating and cooling installations.
The validity of radiant systems for heating and cooling of civil or industrial environments is well known, appreciated and recommended not only by experts in heating and energy saving, but also by building designers and interior decorators that enhance its simplicity, functionality and aesthetics.
The pipes, by following a "serpentine” or “winding” course, release heat by conduction to the screeds and the floor covering that then RADIATE heat throughout the room, eliminating the convective movements of air that leads to the circulation of dust and pollen.
The construction costs are comparable to those for a traditional high-temperature system, but with the following advantages:
- Uniform distribution of heat 
- Energy savings 
- Differentiated regulation room by room 
- More aesthetically appealing and compatible with any furnishing choice 
- Improved air quality 
- Improved hygiene and cleanliness
- Air conditioning both for heating and cooling

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Radiant floor panel ELOWEB - NUPI Industrie Italiane

Radiant floor panel ELOWEB - NUPI Industrie Italiane
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