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MAMI XL | Glass

Glass glass

Manufacturer ALESSI

Mami Collection
After "La Cintura di Orione" by Richard Sapper and "Falstaf" by Alessandro Mendini, Alessi entrusted a designer from the new generation with the difficult task of firing the public's imagination by exploring the archaic continent of “potness”. Stefano Giovannoni, whose style is an explicit reference to a poetry of affections, has brought his interpretation to ancient terracotta pots. Ah, the warmth of familiar aromas in good, big, round pots "with two ears" (as Catullus wrote), here made of functional and practical stainless steel. The “Mami” series also includes oven dishes and frying pans in pressure-cast aluminium with a non-stick coating, a pasta-set and a pressure cooker, as well as a cutlery service and superb kitchen knives.

Il servizio di Bicchieri Mami disegnato da Stefano Giovannoni nel 2003 si arricchisce di una versione extra-large. Questa collezione nasce con il desiderio di offrire un servizio che richiami le proporzioni abbondanti dei bicchieri da degustazione. La versione XL si affianca a quella originale per soddisfare le necessità sia dei privati sommelier, sia degli amanti delle forme morbide e arrotondate della serie Mami.

MAMI XL SG119/41S2 - Set of 2 water tumblers in crystalline glass.

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Glass glass MAMI XL | Glass - ALESSI

Glass glass MAMI XL | Glass - ALESSI
Glass glass MAMI XL | Glass - ALESSI

Glass glass MAMI XL | Glass - ALESSI
Glass glass MAMI XL | Glass - ALESSI

Glass glass MAMI XL | Glass - ALESSI
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