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Wall mounted inverter split air conditioner

Manufacturer EMMETI

X-EVO Collection
Automatic control of the temperature
Temperature sensor in the remote control works with a  precision of 0.5 °C therefore the possible exigency will  be exactly transferred to the system which takes care to  regulate the frequency of the compressor, once the set  temperature has been reached, the system will maintain
it by adjusting the frequency and by avoiding any fluctuation.
Intelligent Defrosting
To have an intelligent defrosting just when needed, increase  the efficiency in Heating and the energy saving. 
I Feel
Through the remote control supplied with the internal  unit, you can control the room temperature detected from  the same by selecting the appropriate function “I-FEEL”.  Remote control using is similar to the one of the television  and it communicates with the internal unit through
“IR” infrared rays, such operation assure more comfort.
Emmeti Residential Air conditioners thanks to the high  quality standard of their components assure a low level  of noisiness.
Cold Air Prevention
In Heating mode, fan of the internal unit will not start up  until the exchanger is not warm enough.
The advantages of the Inverter system
The Inverter system allows the set temperature to be attained in a  short period of time (approx half the time required by traditional 
systems) thanks to the compressor and the use of the maximum  frequency.
The temperature reached can be kept constant by the low frequency  and speed at which the compressor can operate.....


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Wall mounted inverter split air conditioner X-EVO - EMMETI
Wall mounted inverter split air conditioner X-EVO - EMMETI

Wall mounted inverter split air conditioner X-EVO - EMMETI
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