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Stainless steel wall decor item

Manufacturer ALESSI

CROCE MT09 - Cross in 18/10 stainless steel mat. PVD coated inside. This Cross - very, very simple, although bicoloured - should not be understood as an invitation to religious commitment, but rather is much more modestly intended as a symbol of peace. Designed by Mario Trimarchi, Croce (Cross) is an attempt to impart a contemporary look to an object that seems to have almost vanished from our homes. Croce is an iconic symbol and immediately recognisable, proposed here in a state of dynamic tension thanks to being inclined with respect to the wall and to the presence of its black shadow.


Stainless steel wall decor item CROCE - ALESSI

Stainless steel wall decor item CROCE - ALESSI
Alessi. The Design Factory.
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