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Accessory for HVAC system

Manufacturer HONEYWELL

The V5001P Kombi-Auto differential pressure control valve is used to maintain automatically a hydronic balance in residential or commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems. It shall be installed in the return pipeline. It is used in systems with variable volume flows, for example two-pipe heating systems, and creates a hydronic balance by keeping differential pressure over consumers at a constant preset level even under changing flow or pump pressure conditions, for example in part load states. Hydronic balance is a significant requirement for efficient opera-tion of a hydronic system. In an unbalanced system under- or oversupply of energy to individual circuits or heat exchangers can occur. Apart from correct selection of radiator valves, regulation of individual circuits is necessary and in some countries required by national standards or regulations.
Accessory for HVAC system KOMBI-AUTO V5001PF - HONEYWELL

Accessory for HVAC system KOMBI-AUTO V5001PF - HONEYWELL
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