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X-ECO Unità esterna

Residential inverter air conditioner

Manufacturer EMMETI

X-ECO Collection

Easy Logistics
The internal units can be combined with the different  external ones thanks to one type of control technology.  This significantly reduces storage management times  and costs.
The advantages of the Inverter system
The Inverter system allows the set temperature to be attained in a  short period of time (approx half the time required by traditional  systems) thanks to the compressor and the use of the maximum  frequency.  The temperature reached can be kept constant by the low frequency
and speed at which the compressor can operate, with a  resultant reduction in electrical energy consumption.  The traditional system requires more time to reach the set temperature  as the frequency and speed of the compressor is constant.  When the set temperature is reached the system shuts down and  subsequently starts-up again due to the oscillation of the room  temperature causing a continuous cycle of start-ups and shutdowns.

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Residential inverter air conditioner X-ECO Unità esterna - EMMETI

Residential inverter air conditioner X-ECO Unità esterna - EMMETI
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