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DUMY DE | Home dehumidifier

Home dehumidifier

Manufacturer EMMETI

A healthy and comfortable environment must have the right degree of humidity.  High humidity leads to discomfort, mould and unpleasant odours and can also  deteriorate furnishings and buildings.  The dehumidifier controls and absorbs excess humidity and is suited for residential
and commercial environments such as basements, laundry rooms, shops,  food storage rooms, cellars and libraries.
Main features:
- daily dehumidifying capacity up to 12 or 24 litres
- digital room humidity display
- acoustic and visual signal when the tank is full
- intelligent defrost system
- clean air filter reminder
- three-speed fan
- 24-hour timer

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Home dehumidifier DUMY DE | Home dehumidifier - EMMETI

Home dehumidifier DUMY DE | Home dehumidifier - EMMETI
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