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MIRAI SPLIT | Air to water Heat pump

Air to water Heat pump

Manufacturer EMMETI

MIRAI-SPLIT offers both a compact size as well as a complete range  of functions, since the components of the heating and cooling system,
such as the circulation pump, expansion vessel and temperature control  instruments, are already incorporated inside the machine. The unit is
composed of two sections with internal hydraulic module and external unit  with refrigerant circuit at R410A. Two units are connected by refrigerant
lines for the refrigerant circulation.  The simplicity of its installation also meets the versatility of the machine,  which can operate with an outdoor temperature until -20 °C, suitable for a  variety of system types such as radiant systems (heating/cooling), terminal  air units (cassette or fan-coil convectors) and low-temperature radiators  thanks to the wide range of water flow temperature settings which can  be as high as 55 °C.
Furthermore, since it’s designed for residential use, the type of electric  power supply required and the truly reduced consumptions make it compatible  with the standard electricity supply conditions set by the provider.  “DC Inverter” technology allows continuous variation of the power
according to the demands of the system, an optimised management  of the electricity consumptions as well, thus increasing the product’s
performances so as to guarantee the compliance of the strict foreseen  energy efficiency criteria.

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Air to water Heat pump MIRAI SPLIT | Air to water Heat pump - EMMETI

Air to water Heat pump MIRAI SPLIT | Air to water Heat pump - EMMETI
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