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EURO HPV 200-300-500-1000

Collector unit

Manufacturer EMMETI

The HPV boilers are made for production of sanitary hot water through  heating pump.
The Euro HPV boiler are provided with closing flange, thermic insulation  and electronic anode.  Within the sanitary circuit near the boiler it is necessary to install a safety  valve with a max. calibration of = 6 bar and expansion vase adequate to  the volume of the sanitary system.
Constructional characteristics
• Rapidity accumulation
• High efficiency;
• Long life without corrosion;
• Simplicity of installation;
• Large exchange surface;
• Insulation: in rigid polyurethane foam, 50 mm thickness for 200, 300  and 500 litres models; in soft polyurethane, 100 mm thickness for 1000
litres model;
• According to art. 3.3 directive 7 PED 97/23/EC;
• According DIN 4753.3 and UNI 10025;
• Inorganic enamelling (glazing).
• "Boguard" electronic anode for corrosion prevention inside the boiler.

EMMETI Catalogues

Collector unit EURO HPV 200-300-500-1000 - EMMETI

Collector unit EURO HPV 200-300-500-1000 - EMMETI
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