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Manufacturer EMMETI

A complete range of encased or built-in, wall or ceiling-mounted dehumidifiers,  allows humidity control and blends in perfectly with all types of
room. Use of the double water coil refrigerant cycle allows the Dumy Floor  dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in the environment, in a way that the inlet  and outlet air have the same temperature.  Given that water particles do not require air movement in order to diffuse,  this means that draught is minimal and localised.
The availability of cooled water (15-20°C) used in the underfloor system  suggested the introduction of additional heat exchangers in the EMMETI
dehumidifiers, which greatly improve performance of the same with respect  to traditional dehumidifiers.

The machine is made entirely in galvanised sheet. All of the heat exchangers are made in copper-aluminium with additional  hydrophilic treatment on the first two coils; this prevents the formation of  drops of water on the same.  By making the condensate run into the tray, which has a steep slope and is  made in plastic, in turn it expels all of the water, thus preventing stagnations  that can lead to the formation of bacteria and mucilage.
The circulation of air is forced by a silent centrifugal fan. Particular attention  has been paid to the cooling circuit, characterised by a high efficiency
hermetic reciprocating compressor.
A capillary expansion device joined to a series of set-ups aim at reducing  noise problems linked to the circulation of the freon ..

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Dehumidifier DUMY FLOOR EMMETI CLIMA FLOOR | Dehumidifier - EMMETI

Dehumidifier DUMY FLOOR EMMETI CLIMA FLOOR | Dehumidifier - EMMETI
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