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PPI132 | Tray

Round glass tray

Manufacturer Galiatea

Peru Collection
Peru collection is a combination of unique hand crafted traditional  decorative objects such as mirrors and frames, alpaca wool embroidered  pillows and custom made Alpaca fur pillows and rugs. One of the most  luxurious furs on the market is now made into hand crafted pillows,  throws, bed covers and rugs. While using natural components in the dying  process, it keeps the fur soft to the touch and hypoallergenic. We are proud to work with artisans that specialize in creating one-of a kind pieces to meet the needs of our clients.

Dimensions Available PPI132:
Diam 28.5 cm
Diam 32 cm
Round glass tray PPI132 | Tray - Galiatea

Round glass tray PPI132 | Tray - Galiatea
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