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Wall light

Manufacturer Vick Vanlian

Private Session Collection
The Private Session Collection reflects Vick’s love for fashion and women’s beauty. His aim is to capture their essence in timeless pieces, with celebrations of bright colors and the finest textures.

Haute-couture garments are frequently transitory in nature, enjoying a few outings before succumbing to a wardrobe’s seasonal change. Vick, however, makes them come alive and remain imperishable in the form of home decorative objects with a strong neo-pop style, which pays homage to the language of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.

Light My Dress is a wall light by Vick Vanlian.

Dimensions: (H) 80 cm / 32" x (D) 15 cm / 6" x (L) 30-50 cm / 12" - 20"
Wall light LIGHT MY DRESS - Vick Vanlian

Wall light LIGHT MY DRESS - Vick Vanlian
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