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R4 | Hinge

Door hinge

Manufacturer AGB - Alban Giacomo

R4 - Innovation and technology bring to the main features of the hinge: R4 answers to the market trends because it is applicable to doors weight up to 160 kg.
Wide adjustments in three dimensions are essential for hinges of this category, but R4 is long-lasting too. This is important because extends the duration of maintenance.
But R4 is one step ahead. The new hinge for entrance doors offers also the friction adjustment which avoids the wrongly installed doors to close by themselves.
The AGB experience allowed to control every aspect of R4. Designing this new hinge, the company wanted to make R4 intuitive, easy and fast to be installed: the millings are easy, the installation of the door is simplified thanks to two pins, the handy set screws allow the hinge adjustment even when the door is closed.
The installation could be done with CNC machines or manually, using some dedicated jigs.
R4 has been designed according with the European regulations on security. Tests on resistance have been successfully passed: 200.000 cycles with a 100 kg weight.
The anti-burglar features of R4 make this new hinge suitable for external opening because the grubs are easily accessible only when the door is open.
Door hinge R4 | Hinge - AGB - Alban Giacomo

Door hinge R4 | Hinge - AGB - Alban Giacomo
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