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Magnetic lock for hotels

Manufacturer AGB - Alban Giacomo

Opera Bit shows an innovative and minimal design, thanks to the little reader and the battery holder.
We opened the door to the finest design research. The lock forend is essential thanks to the magnetic movement latch that disappears just opening the sash. 
Thanks to the innovative Twin lock system, the lock guarantees extreme silence when the door closes and protects the security of the room. The magnetic movement latch comes out when the sash leans against the frame and the automatic bolt is activated ensuring the maximum security to the guest who can forget to lock the door.
The privacy button ‘Do not disturb’ allows the guests to sleep till late morning. When the function is on, the staff can’t enter the room.
From inside the room, with the antipanic function, the guest can lower the handle and bolt and spring latch are instantly released for the immediate door opening.
Opera Bit guarantees maximum security to the hotelier, too. In case of emergency, he can unlock the door using the mechanic cylinder. It guarantees the manual door opening.
The Opera Bit system is available in 2 versions: Sprint and Full. The Sprint version is suitable for the small hotels and B&B and allows the rooms management just using three special cards; the Full version allows the fast cards update, the management of the common areas accesses and the different permissions of the hotel staff.
A dedicated software is used for check-in and check-out of guests and cards creation.



Magnetic lock for hotels OPERA BIT - AGB - Alban Giacomo
Magnetic lock for hotels OPERA BIT - AGB - Alban Giacomo

Magnetic lock for hotels OPERA BIT - AGB - Alban Giacomo
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