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Vinyl flooring with concrete effect

Manufacturer Pergo

Tile Design Collection

The new collection of Pergo vinyl floors is nothing short of a re-vinylution. A new surface offers a natural look and feel, combined with Pergo durability. Unsurpassed stability thanks to a new manufacturing process and a new click joint technology makes installation faster and easier than ever before. And the warm, comfortable softness takes you far, far away from other vinyl floors.

It really is the no-worries floor. Thanks to the fully sealed surface, dirt simply cannot penetrate the floor, and you are able to clean off most stains using nothing but water.

1. Protective TitanV™ layer for scratch, stain and wear resistance
2. Fine printed vinyl decor layer
3. Highly impact resistant vinyl core
4. Extra stabilizing layer containing glass fiber
5. Highly impact resistant vinyl backing

The new collection of Pergo vinyl floors redefines the category. They may appear to be authentic wood, rich with true-to-life detail. But once you experience their warm, soft touch and the waterproof durability there will be no doubt: Pergo, the inventors of laminate flooring, have once again set a new standard.

Oxidized Metal Concrete answers the trend for oxidized, metallic surfaces. Its elegant concrete look is ideal for exclusive, modern design interiors and copper accessories. The tile design is perfect for rooms where you want the look of ceramic tiles, but the warmth and softness of vinyl. With two tiles per plank, installation is both quick and efficient. Our Premium quality level with our new, PerfectFold™ V click system makes installation even easier than before and is the ideal choice for domestic use.



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Vinyl flooring with concrete effect OXIDIZED METAL CONCRETE - Pergo

Vinyl flooring with concrete effect OXIDIZED METAL CONCRETE - Pergo
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