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Meter, measurer for water system

Manufacturer OVENTROP

OVENTROP-“OV-DMC 2” Flow-meter for the regulation and control of balanced pipeworks with balancing valves as well as existing installations without proof of calculation. Model with battery set for operation off the line. Separate hardware components for the registration (transducer) and processing of measured values (micro-processor). Transducer with deaeration device for measuring hoses. Programmed micro-processor offering the possibility to store any characteristic lines. Flow-meter with watertight and dustproof keyboard for setting of values and adjustment to zero. Two-line LCD display with lighting which may be  switched on/off.
Display of:
- Flow rate in l/s, qm/h or gal/min
- Differential pressure in Pa, kPa, mmWG, mbar and inwg
- Velocity in m/s related to diameter
- Temperature in C or F

Max. static pressure: 10 bar
Differential pressure display: 0.1 – 1,950 mbar
Temperature measuring range: 0-100°C
Operating voltage: 6 V
Meter, measurer for water system OV-DMC 2 - OVENTROP

Meter, measurer for water system OV-DMC 2 - OVENTROP
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