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Mixing unit and manifold

Manufacturer OVENTROP

Regudis W Series
Oventrop products and systems allow an improved energy efficiency of installations in new buildings and during refurbishment of existing ones. Builders have to decide on a long term heat concept when constructing a new building or refurbishing an old one. The Oventrop dwelling station “Regudis W” supplies heat as well as hot and cold potable water to individual dwellings or commercial units without using auxiliary energy. The option to combine the dwelling stations with solar plants, complies with the legal specifications which increasingly regard the use of regenerative energies. The hot water for heating purposes is provided by a central heat supply, for instance by a district heating network, an oil, gas or wood burning boiler and a buffer storage cylinder. The potable water is heated locally via a heat exchanger according to the continuous flow principle. The Oventrop dwelling station “Regudis W” cannot only be used for dwellings and commercial units, but also for buildings with high hygienic demands on hot water preparation.

OVENTROP-"Regudis W-TU" Dwelling station.
For the supply of hot potable water to individual dwellings without using auxiliary energy.
Station completely pre-assembled on a base plate, leakage and function tested at works. 
Model without cold water outlet dwelling, without spacer for cold water meter, without spacer for heat meter and without heating circuit. Derivative temperature control set pre-assembled, 4 ball valves included.
Consisting of:
-Nickel brazed stainless steel heat exchanger, vertically installed, which reduces the risk of calcification
-Proportional flow controller with potable water priority funtion and integrated cold water throttling disc (the components of the potable water are coated)
-Thermostatic temperature controller with quick- acting sensor for the control of the hot water outlet temperature. Potable water temperature limited to 45 °C
-Differential pressure regulator in the heating water return for differential pressure regulation during quickly alternating operational conditions when drawing off hot water 
-Complete piping of the station made of stainless steel, 18 x1
Min. cold water pressure: 2.5 bar
Min. differential pressure supply: 300 mbar
Draw off temperature tdraw off: 45 °C up to 60 °C
Min. flow temperature: tdraw off + 15 K 

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Mixing unit and manifold REGUDIS W-TU - OVENTROP

Mixing unit and manifold REGUDIS W-TU - OVENTROP
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