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Collector unit

Manufacturer OVENTROP

Regucor Series
OVENTROP-Energy storage centre "Regucor WH"
Modular system for the supply of detached and semi-detached houses with heat and hot water.
Storage cylinder and add-on groups coordinated functionally and thermodynamically. With integrated piping and plug-in cabling.
By subsequent installation of the solar station "Regusol L-130" (item no. 1383480) and the  electronic controller "Regtronic RS-B" (item no.1383485), the station can be upgraded to a  "Regucor WHS". 
For combination with classic (e.g. gas/oil) and regenerative heat generators (e.g. heat pump/solid fuel) in existing and new buildings.
Consisting of:
- Solar buffer storage cylinder:
- System storage cylinder type 800, nominal content 770 litres
- Total height (without insulation): 1775 mm
- Diameter (without insulation): 790 mm
- Max. pivot height (without insulation): 1810 mm
- Connections: 8 x G 1½ female thread
- Max. operating pressure ps: 3 bar (coil 10 bar)
- Operating temperature ts: 95 °C (coil 110 °C)
- With removable 140 mm fleece insulation and integrated temperature layer unit. Connections and fixing positions coordinated with "Regucor WHS" storage cylinder add-on groups. 

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Collector unit REGUCOR WH - OVENTROP

Collector unit REGUCOR WH - OVENTROP
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