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Transparent glass texturized for Led lighting

Manufacturer Vitrealspecchi

Madras® Cristalli Collection
Total transparency.
Transparency, the absolute purity of crystalline matter. The original function of glass – to protect without blocking vision – is maintained, whilst the beauty of the material itself is enhanced by technology and light.

Glass partitions and coverings for exteriors and interiors  sparkle during the day and light up at night with Punto XL-N Cristalli, the latest Trasparenti Madras® in extra-clear glass: tiny, exquisitely brilliant pinpoints scattered across the surface enliven its transparency by taking us into its very substance. If LEDs are placed along the edge in the installation phase, the tiny pinpoints “light up” at night and turn the surface into a texture of light: enthralling but also useful, as in the case of a shelter protecting an entrance.
The surface is smooth to the touch and the minute concavities of the pinpoints are barely perceptible, ensuring easy and immediate cleaning.
Punto XL-N (also available in the smaller version Punto N Cristalli) comes in standard size plates (2250 x 3210 mm / useful 2210 x 3170 mm), 8 or 10 mm thick, and lend themself to all the main mechanical and heat transformations of glass.

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Illuminating glass shelter Madras® Punto xl-N Cristalli

Illuminating glass shelter Madras® Punto xl-N Cristalli

Transparent glass texturized for Led lighting Madras® PUNTO XL-N CRISTALLI - Vitrealspecchi
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