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Dow insulation cores for metal sandwich panels

Manufacturer Dow

Dow V PLUS PERFORM™ insulation core technology for sandwich panels

Dow V PLUS PERFORM™ Technology offers sustainability, insulation and fire-safety properties which can make sandwich panels simply exceptional and allow designers even more freedom when planning their buildings.
Creating energy efficient buildings is today becoming more and more critical. In addition, European regulations and national building codes as well as complex and challenging requirements increase the need for high-performance construction materials. To help customers address these challenges, The Dow Chemical Company - a global technology and innovation leader - invented V PLUS PERFORM™ Technology – a material solution that takes insulation cores of sandwich panels to a completely new level.
V PLUS PERFORM™ technology contributes toward satisfying Credits under LEED® V4. It also enables architects, planners and engineers to achieve outstanding insulation performance and to realize excellent fire safety properties (Euroclass B-s1,d0). Gaining more net floor area in buildings and a better ROI for investors, V PLUS PERFORM™ allows for thinner metal sandwich panels and lighter constructions.

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Dow insulation cores for metal sandwich panels V PLUS PERFORM™ - Dow

Dow insulation cores for metal sandwich panels V PLUS PERFORM™ - Dow
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