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Kitchen worktop

Manufacturer Neolith by The Size

Neolith Kitchen Lounge understands the world of kitchen as an environment that should combine design and functionality; elegance and durability; aesthetic details and technical specifications.
Neolith gives life to a surface with an extremely high level of resistance to scratches, high temperature, chemicals and UV rays; and also with quasi-zero porosity, therefore waterproof and resistant to stains. 
It can be used in many different kitchen areas besides the kitchen countertops or island such as: kitchen sinks; backsplashes, cabinetry and furniture, flooring and wall cladding, etc.
A surface with more than 40 different models to satisfy the tastes, needs and trends of any household anywhere in the world. A surface with exclusive detail-rich designs that dress a given space with a touch of class without actually compromising at any moment its invariable durability.

Neolith by The Size Catalogues

Kitchen worktop NEOLITH KITCHEN LOUNGE - Neolith by The Size

Kitchen worktop NEOLITH KITCHEN LOUNGE - Neolith by The Size

A home in the center of Valencia

Geometry, skin and luminosity






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