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Aluminium door panel

Manufacturer ROYAL PAT

Aluform® Classica Collection
The trademark Aluform® has always been synonymous of high quality products that has acquired a prestigious rule in the market of entrance doors. The universe that surrounds us constitutes our main source of inspiration for the development of new proposals according to a modern concept of the house. Exploring new trends to be constantly advancing in the world of innovation and tangible quality, this is our philosophy.

Aluform® Classica - New classic lines for a choice gone with the tradition of making, in respect of our story and surrounding architectonic style, without renouncing the present safety, isolation and maintenance needs.

ABACO is an aluminium door panel of Aluform by Royal Pat.

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Aluminium door panel ABACO/K+JOLLY/KG1 - ROYAL PAT

Aluminium door panel ABACO/K+JOLLY/KG1 - ROYAL PAT
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