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English oak parquet

Manufacturer Salis

Using only natural materials and techniques with low environmental impact, Salis certifies the work of the masters of wood, stating the age and authenticity of the reclaimed oak, designed to fit any type of home. The ancient techniques of carving, inlay, planing and decoration come to life in the DiValore range, careful to design trends and the modern culture of living. Unique flooring then, behind which there is not the work of a machine, but of persons; you must grasp its essence, love the knot that has been plastered by expert hands, now that restore the split of an old board, now the faded color of the strip. Nothing is wasted and the restoration is complet, the imperfection becomes added value here... we do not do things in series. The Nature distinguishes each element, always the same but always different, the imperfection as an element of absolute beauty. Who chooses our floors chooses a philosophy, the privilege of uniqueness.

The wooden floors of the Unique series are not bound by modern standards as they are hand-crafted from old articles, logs, beams and planks and reclaimed or aged materials. As a result, the finished floor may show more or less evident signs of toolmarks from planes, chisels and saws, grain separation, repairs, filled knots of all sizes and small holes, and may be in a variety of different colours, which are slightly blended by a hand coating process. We cannot specify the origin for the majority of these reclaimed woods, but we can state the age of wood through a certification process


3 layer counterbalanced planks / Solid planks, bevelled on 4 sides, finished by hand with natural oil + wax

COUNTRY CHOICE: with knots of all dimensions
Glued - Floating - Nailed

Total thickness: 14/15mm
Top layer: 4mm
Mixed widths: RECLAIMED OAK from 70 to 200 mm
Mixed lengths: from 1400 to 2400mm (depending on availability)

Skirting 15x80/100mm (same finishings of wood floors)
Soundproof mat
Mat for floor heating systems
Salis Care - Maintenance Kit: oil + wax
Salis Care - Restoration Kit: oil + wax
Neutral Detergent
Reviving liquid

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