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Printed satin fabric

Manufacturer Aldeco, Interior Fabrics

Tropical Vibes Collection
Green is the main color! Green symbolizes life, joy, hope, light and energy! Presenting Tropical Vibes - a joyful collection, in a burst of bright and cheerful colors, filled with floral and vegetal motifs. In this collection, we transmit a strong bond between Man and Nature, where the rich patterned, embroideries and jacquard fabrics, come to life through light and texture games with cheerful colors, where green is the predominant color. Known for not being afraid to take risks, Aldeco bet in a unique and bold collection, very special in the interior design and decoration textiles market.

Digital print in a satin base, of a 100%CO high quality fabric, mercerized. Wonderful to the touch, and the way that it “falls” as a drape. The inspiration consisted in the beauty, elegance and delicacy of the hummingbird.
Presented in 2 colors: dazzling blue and tropical green. 




Printed satin fabric HUMMINGBIRD - Aldeco, Interior Fabrics


Printed satin fabric HUMMINGBIRD - Aldeco, Interior Fabrics
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