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AIr refrigeration unit

Manufacturer Thermocold Costruzioni

High efficiency air-water unit for 4-pipe systems with EC axial fans and screw inverter compressors.
The range marked by the trademark EA use shell & tube heat exchangers characterized by high performances and low refrigerant/fluid Δt, allows to reach high energy efficiencies.

Further details

Screw compressors with Inverter.
• ECO-PROFILE ELECTRONIC EC brushless fans statically and dynamically balanced.
• Water side evaporator direct expansion shell and tube type with water connections (complete of differential pressure switch and anti-freeze protection electrical heater).
• Recovery heat exchanger direct expansion shell and tube type with water connections.
• High efficiency condenser coils with seamless copper tubes and alluminium fins.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Double set point temperature.
• Condensing and evaporating pressure control with variable fan speed modulation.
• Microprocessor with RS 485 master and slave.
• Galvanised steel base frame and panels in powder painted galvanised steel sheet for outdoor installation.

• Gas gauges.
• Additional water pump for cold side + additional inverter water pump for hot side, 150 kPa.
• Automatic water pumps changeover.
• Control panel electric heater with thermostat.
• Phase failure protection relay.
• Automatic circuit breakers.
• Condensing coils protection grilles.
• Blygold condensing coils.
• Coated condensino coils.
• Epoxy coated condensing coils.
• Copper-copper or tinned copper-copper condensing coils.

• Remote control panel.
• Flow switch.
• Automatic water filling.
• Filters.
• Water gauges.
• Spring or rubber anti-vibration mounts.

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AIr refrigeration unit ISA4-EA - Thermocold Costruzioni

AIr refrigeration unit ISA4-EA - Thermocold Costruzioni
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