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AIr refrigeration unit

Manufacturer Thermocold Costruzioni

Air/water chillers in FREE COOLING mode with propeller fans and semihermetic screw compressors
ENERGY SAVING MAXIMIZATION: FREE COOLING allows the exploiting of low external air temperature in
order to cool the water return from the system free of charge.

Further details

• Compressors screw type.
• ECO-PROFILE axial fans statically and dinamically balanced.
• Water side heat exchangers shell and tube type with water connections.
• Air side heat exchangers high efficiency finned coils with seamless copper tubes expanded into corrugated aluminium.
• Free cooling water coil with seamless copper tubes expanded into corrugated aluminum fins.
• Condensing pressure control with variable fan speed modulation.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Microprocessor.
• Casing and panels in galvanised and painted steel.

• EC motor brushless fans.
• Compressors step less capacity control.
• Soft start.
• Power factor correction to cos phi 0.91.
• Automatic circuit breakers for compressors and/or fans.
• Numbered wires.
• Low outdoor temperature kit (in cooling mode only).
• Star - Delta.
• Control panel electric heater with thermostat.
• Phase failure protection relay.
• Anti-intrusion and/or condensing coil protection grilles.
• Gas gauges.
• Pre painted, epoxy coated, copper copper, tinned copper copper condensing coils.

• Remote control display.
• Comunication card RS485.
• Local and/or remote plant visor (supervising sistem on local Pc).
• LON adapter.
• Flow switch.
• Automatic water filling.
• Water Victaulic Kit.
• Water strainer.
• Water gauges.
• Rubber and/or spring anti vibration mounts.

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AIr refrigeration unit HEVA FC - Thermocold Costruzioni

AIr refrigeration unit HEVA FC - Thermocold Costruzioni
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